Git Commit Patch

Stop adding useless lines

I’ve had many git commits where I inadvertently add a line of code that I forgot to remove when debugging. Luckily git has a nifty patch function that allows you to view each “hunk” of code that has been added or changed and selectively choose what is staged for your next commit. Here’s how you can do this:

Tips with long scripts

Making long scripts less of a drag!

Working in Healthcare informatics means I have to work with a wide range of healthcare providers and an even wider range of EMRs(Electronic Medical Records). For every speciality of care, there is a different slew of EMRs available which can make it tough on Dr. Doe (hypothetical provider) to take his charts from EPIK to BasikEMR (fake Medical Records platforms) and access them in their new EMR.

Why GraphQL?

An answer to a question being asked more and more in 2019

Returning to blogging! Here’s why:

Overthinking the Interview

A few thoughts on the interview process

Since I have graduated, I have yet to receive an offer to work as a developer from any of the companies for which I have interviewed! Despite my lack of success, I thought that it would be beneficial for myself to analyze what I’ve been doing well and what I can work on. My hope is that this can be helpful for you in some way!


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