Gitting Back to Work

First day of work!

I just had my first official day as a paid dev!


Excited to dive into an established code base and break all the things. But today’s highlight was my realization that my knowledge of git is a fuzzy memory.

A mistake a have made every time I start a new project is forgetting to create a new branch before writing code to be merged!


What do I do if I made a commit in the wrong branch?!


Good ol’

git reset --soft HEAD~1

This command will remove your new code from staging without deleting the files.

The –soft tag isn’t really needed since the git reset command default to soft but I just wanted to emphasize that –hard would delete any changes you made locally. Use with caution!

HEAD~1 specifies that I would like to revert back to one commit before the commit I mistakenly made. If I wanted to revert back to two commits ago I would change the tag to HEAD~2

Hope this helps someone! Hopefully more mistakes to come.

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