Overthinking the Interview

A few thoughts on the interview process

Since I have graduated, I have yet to receive an offer to work as a developer from any of the companies for which I have interviewed! Despite my lack of success, I thought that it would be beneficial for myself to analyze what I’ve been doing well and what I can work on. My hope is that this can be helpful for you in some way!

Let's Make a Rails API

Making a simple rails api using jbuilder

Today we are going to tackle a small API project using Rails that will later be used in a React Js application. We will be using the jbuilder gem in our Rails API to make an awesome looking json view page!

Vote on Rails[Bonus: Vote as a guest!]

Learn to use the act_as_votable gem

As a fellow Rails developer, you have most likely received the task of creating something similar to a blogging app (bear with me if you haven’t). Recently, I have had to create one complete with commenting, sharing, and voting capabilities. Typically I would take time to map out the schema prior to running rails new but in this case I was pressed for time. Luckily I had the act_as_voteable gem to save the day!


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