Hello Rails enthusiasts, We are currently at the halfway point of the bootcamp and concluding our lessons in Rails. As we endeavor to write DRY and readable code, I found a Rails capability that makes our views easier to read and less repetitive. — — Upon completing my most recent CRUD app, I noticed that my new and edit view pages were almost identical with the exception of a few lines of code. We can make these pages much more succinct if we reference a partial view page. Here’s how:

Postgres SQL and SQL Queries

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and my mind is bloated with new information from this bootcamp. The topic that I was most excited about this time is Structured Query Language(SQL). There are many types of SQL databases including, SQL lite, MySQL, and Oracle SQL to a name a few. Each of these database types have different features, however, they all use SQL to retrieve data. In this post, I will be referring to Postgre SQL

Intro to debugging

Hello Readers, This is my first blogpost about my coding experience. These posts will be for the benefit of my learning process while I am in the Actualize Coding Bootcamp and for any coding beginners who may stumble upon my page in the future. By the time I complete this bootcamp, I will have learned a full stack of languages including Angular, Javascript, Postgre SQL, HTML, CSS, Rails, and Ruby. My classmates and I all began our coding journey by completing novice Ruby and HTML exercises on our own time.


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